Supergirl (STAS)
Posted on June 30, 2013


I was thrilled with the quality of the last batch of DC premiums from Jack in the Box. I’d start customizing Alf figures before I ate the food there, but I loved the figures. Batgirl and Supergirl are particularly strong, as these appeared to me to be the best sculpts of Timm-esque females yet. Sadly, they were just a hair too small in scale to match the other animated figures. So close yet so far. I decided they were close enough to be fixed.

I cut off the Jack in the Box Supergirl legs and swapped them for the Hasbro Supergirl legs. The diameter of the legs fits almost perfectly to the area of the mini-skirt. (The legs are a hair wider, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.) The cape was too long, so I cut it off completely, also removing the action lever from her back. I then removed that god-awful action-punch left arm. I filled in the shoulder socket with Kneadatite, and placed a small set screw protruding from the shoulder before the Kneadatite solidified. I then drilled a small hole in the arm of a Hasbro SG, and twisted it onto the set screw, giving her a new, articulated arm. Once she was painted, I super-glued a new vinyl cape to her back.

In comparison to other animated females, she looks a bit short still, but nothing like before. However, her height may actually be more accurate, as most of the Timm-designed ladies are fairly petite. Regardless of height, I’m extremely pleased with the results. Maybe I won’t have to make a Supergirl for awhile now.

Jump to the downloads section to grab Kara’s S-emblem for your own custom!

Created Spring 2002


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