Tim Drake
Posted on June 30, 2013

tim-drake-01Tim is another of those dull secret identity customs I never planned on making. However, I was excited by the prospect of Wayne Manor Alfred and Babs, so Tim and Bruce sort of hitched along for the ride.

As with all versions of this recipe, I had to work hard to remove the mask. I tried sanding and filling in with Kneadatite, but nothing ever looked right. I eventually got frustrated and filled in the whole thing and then sanded it smooth, planning on painting in the eyes flat. I sanded down his crazy hair and gave him a combed look with Kneadatite. His gloves were sanded down. I lumped Kneadatite up and down his legs and then dremeled down to an appropriate pants shape. A decent paint job finished him. Like Babs, Tim was supposed to be an easy “side” project that ending up taking more time and effort than I planned.

Created Spring 2002


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