Superman (STAS)
Posted on June 30, 2013

superman-stas-01Some time ago, I made a Superman from a Racer X figure. While I was very much aware that his chest was not anywhere near on-model, I felt he was much closer than the Hasbro offerings, and at the time I was satisfied with it. However, I’ve since become much pickier with my attention to detail, and my older Superman custom no longer satisfied me. That being said, the best custom Supes I’d seen was Tung Nguyen’s. Of course, the guy can sculpt perfect legs from scratch. Short of waiting ten years to develop my sculpting skills, I had to do with Racer X.

Recently, I came upon what I think is a great compromise. I merged Tung’s efforts with my previous Racer X recipe. What you see here is the Hasbro torso and Racer X legs combined. I filled in the unnecessary bulging muscles on Supes abdomen and arms. I also repositioned the left arm to a more comfortable shape, as well as the right hand. I removed the ridiculous original Supes head and replaced it with a casting of the improved European Supes head. Moving to Racer X’s legs, I dremeled off the few sculpted details. I also dremeled away the top half of the “belt,” reducing its width to match what Supes’ belt should be. I used styrene and Alumilite to make the boot tops, and Kneadatite creates his outer-panty-line. The belt loops are vinyl, and the cape is 100% pure Hasbro.

All in all, I am very pleased with this figure. Just in time to be made obsolete by the Justice League show’s designs.

Jump to the downloads section to grab Superman’s S-emblem for your own custom!

Created Fall 2001



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