Terry McGinnis (Vigilante)
Posted on June 30, 2013

terry-mcginnis-vigilante-02This custom is based on Pierre’s recipe for a Terry McGinnis without the jacket. Most Terry figures (including my first one) are made with the jacket. Pierre wanted to be different, and he did that using Nightwing’s torso and Wild Card Joker legs. The head is from Hasbro’s Terry.

I really like what Pierre did, so, with his permission, I copied it. However, like Pierre, I wanted to leave my own mark on the recipe. So I gave my figure the ability to change into “vigilante” Terry, as seen in the episode “Lost Soul.”

Terry has two interchangeable heads, one being decked out in Nightwing’s mask. The head was cast from Hasbro’s head, and the mask added with Kneadatite. I also gave Terry the original Bats’ belt. I used the belt that came with the original “Combat Belt Batman,” dremeling off the details and then adding squares of thick styrene as the pouches. A fairly simple but effective custom all around.

Created Spring 2001


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