Martian Manhunter (Snyderverse)
This is another customs that is supposed to be suggestive of a character, without being fully screen accurate. The base body is a standard McFarlane Martian Manhunter, with some details removed. The head is a 3D sculpt by the ToyManKid. I printed it, slapped it on, gave everything new paint, (read more...)
Metallo (Snyderverse)
What might Metallo have looked like in the Snyderverse? Almost certainly not this! But this is what I was dealt, so I’m going to run with it. After I assembled by Cyborg Superman, I still had some perfectly useful Cyborg parts. I had seen others use a similar recipe, so (read more...)
Riddler (1995 Williams)
According to widespread Hollywood lore, Robin Williams was the first choice to play Riddler in 1995’s “Batman Forever.” That didn’t work out,  but can you imagine if it had? What a fun spectacle that would have been! Far as I can tell, this scenario never even got as far as (read more...)
Scarecrow (Straitjacket 2005)
After 4+ years with the DC license, I think most of would agree that when it comes to live action accuracy, McFarlane’s track record is hit and miss. Mostly miss. (But the “Batman and Robin” movie wave proves he can nail it when he tries.) I felt like this version (read more...)
Scarecrow (2005)
McFarlane’s “Dark Knight” wave gave us a Scarecrow in his straitjacket, which is fine, but that was from a mere few seconds of film. Most of the time he’s wearing a suit. I needed that version on my shelf. I stated with the ubiquitous Diamond Select “Gotham” Jim Gordon figure (read more...)
Chachapoyan Alter
Another fine 3D sculpt brought to you by Charveys3D! Printed with Siraya Fast tech Grey on an Elegoo Jupiter. The main body is hollow, of course. After painting it, I applied lines of glue along the seams and cracks, and then sprinkled with “Army Painter” grass, for that mossy growth (read more...)
Tanis Map Room
InPrintConditon was a Patreon subscription that developed some amazing 3D playsets and accessories for printing. Sadly, they recently shuttered their doors, and the world is lesser for it. This is their Map Room playset. I printed using Siraya Fast Tech Grey in an Elegoo Jupiter. Most of the pieces are (read more...)
“Raiders” Basket and Crate
I was pleased Hasbro saw fit to bring us some 6″ Indiana Jones figures in 2023, short-lived though the line might be. I was equally pleased to see some of our industrious 3D sculptors create new accessories for said figures. The Cairo basket and Ark crate come courtesy of Charveys3D. (read more...)
Site Update: October 9, 2023 The Real Ghostbusters
It’s spooky season! Let’s see some ghosts and ‘busters! Boogieman Janine Melnitz Samhain Happy Halloween! Casimir October 2023 (read more...)
Years ago, Hasbro produced a floppy, MEGO-style Samhain figure, and I think that’s the only official figure of the character that was produced. By my standards, that particular figure is pretty lousy, but he represented Samhain on my shelf for many years. Needless to say, I was pleased to discover (read more...)