Site Update: March 4, 2024 Hollywood Objects
Time for more customs based on film and TV. And another Batmobile. Alfred Pennyworth (2022) Bane (Shirtless 2012) Batgirl (1966) Batman (Unmasked 2008) Batman (Keaton 2023) Batman (1989) Batman (Affleck 2023) Batman Memorial (2012) 1989 Batmobile (Updated) Brainiac (Snyderverse) Bruce Wayne (1966) “Beware the Batman” Batmobile Cyborg Superman (Snyderverse) Deathstroke (read more...)
Alfred Pennyworth (2022)
Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth was some inspired casting. His portrayal of a more layered man, with a rough past, was a perfect modern take on Alfred, without being a caricature. Just fabulous work. This custom is in no way screen accurate, but strongly suggestive of Andy’s appearance as Alfred. (read more...)
Bane (Shirtless 2012)
I’ve said this many times: Sometimes you make a custom because the parts are there, not necessarily because you wanted to. I had some extra Bane parts available after buying the main figures for other projects. I knew if I could find a compatible torso, it would not be difficult (read more...)
Batgirl (1966)
Mcfarlane’s Batman 1966 line is….. okay. I will never understand why he changed the scale and the articulation. It wouldn’t take much to much to make these figures really shine. Case in point: Batgirl. Sad enough the estate of Yvonne Craig denied the likeness rights, so Todd had to settle (read more...)
Batman (2008 Unmasked)
It’s taken me so long to upload completed projects to this website lately that McFarlane has announced and released his versions of the same characters. Talk about the Casimir Curse! Nonetheless, I will press on. I printed the Christian Bale head and the empty mask. The the Bale head came (read more...)
Batman (Keaton 2023)
Just a couple of small upgrades to the Michael Keaton 2023 Batman figure. For the masked version, I replaced the head with a 3D printer, smirking version. (Sculpted by Hyden3d.) I think I printed it a hair too large, but I am too lazy to re-do it at this this (read more...)
Batman (1989)
I think it’s fairly telling of a company’s quality when it releases a long-in-demand fan favorite version of a character, and the first thing everybody does is tear it apart to make it look accurate. Not a good look, Todd! Todd’s 1989 Michael Keaton Batman is… fine. I guess. But (read more...)
Batman Memorial (2012)
This piece is meant to represent the Batman memorial as seen at the ed of “the Dark Knight Rises.” I printed it in resin, in scale with 1:10 figures. There are several sculpts floating around. I’m honestly not sure where this one originated. A quick Google search of “Batman memorial (read more...)
Bruce Wayne (1966)
Is a simple head swap a custom? The debate rages on. Mr. Wayne is made from an unmasked 1966 Batman head (McFarlane) on a “Club Obi-Wan” Indiana Jones body (Hasbro). I don’t think Adam West ever appeared in such a tux on the old show, but he could have! Created (read more...)
Batmobile (Beware the Batman)
It’s time for another edition of “3D-Printed Batmobiles!” This time it’s from “Beware the Batman,” a criminally underrated show Cartoon Network sought to sabotage when it aired. Once again my thanks go to digitallyforgeddesigns, who digitally sculpted this beast. Without his obvious affection for Batmobiles, none of these projects could (read more...)