Site Update: September 25, 2020
Were you one of the six people that watched Beware the Batman when it aired on Cartoon network in 2013? I was. At first, I had difficulty getting into it, but I think it’s because the first episode starts with Professor Pyg and Toad, two characters I am not overly (read more...)
I’ve wanted to make this version of Magpie since I first saw her appear in “Beware the Batman.” Her design might as well be right out of the Timmverse! It only took me seven years to get around to it. I may be slow, but I get there eventually. Magpie’s (read more...)
Lady Shiva
When I started thinking about making some “Beware the Batman” characters, I hadn’t considered Lady Shiva. And then I realized how much she already looked like the animated DC Direct Wonder Woman figure. It was like a direct invitation. How could I refuse? I started by dremeling off most of (read more...)
I decided to make a “Beware the Batman” Katana because I thought she might be relatively easy. And mostly, she was. The head is where I got into trouble. The body is a 6″ TNBA Catwoman. I chose this base so the joints would be black, and reduce the risk (read more...)
The character of Anarky was introduced via Batman comics in the late 80s. (He was also one of my first customs. The less said about that the better.) He’s been through several iterations since then. Reimagining him as an equal foil against the Dark Knight in “Beware the Batman” was (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Bombshell Circus Ringmaster)
I’ve had the idea for a Circus Ringmaster Harley in my head for some time. It just seemed like a natural fit. I always figured I’d get around to her sooner or later. She was not a priority. Then a photo of an old Zatanna figure popped up in my (read more...)
Where can I purchase Pro Create?
I have purchased Pro Create on Amazon. (read more...)
What is Pro Create?
Pro Create is another epoxy used for sculpting. It’s a two-part mixture that takes about 4 hours to cure. The cured result is much like a tough rubber or plastic. I find it best suited for creating delicate but flexible details like hair. It’s very sticky, but you can help (read more...)
What are silicone sculpting tools?
These look like brushes with rubber tips in various shapes. They are indispensable for sculpting! I wish I had found these sooner. They are excellent for shaping details like hair in the sculpting medium of your choice. These are recent additions to my tool kit, but now I can’t work (read more...)
Should I apply anything after Dullcote or am I finished?
I use Dullcote to bring the various lusters of paint into line with each other. As you might guess by its name, Dullcote’s sheen is flat, not at all shiny. So I will follow with a LIGHT coat of Testor’s Gloss. This give the final effect of a slight shine, (read more...)