How much time and money goes into each figure?
Well, from the initial desire to make the figure to the final product can literally take years. Sometimes I’ll want to make a character, but the means of making it won’t exist yet, or might be too costly at that time. Other times I’ll have a hard time figuring out (read more...)
How can I get vibrant, smooth colors with acrylics?
It takes planning and thinking ahead. In general, you want to paint darker colors on top of lighter colors. The quick and dirty solution would be to spray a figure with white primer, and then paint everything on top of that. But that can have some downsides. Maybe you don’t (read more...)
What is Kneadatite?
Kneadatite is a two-part, air-drying compound. It’s primarily designed as a plumber’s epoxy, but artisans have found it to be a great sculpting medium. When mixed, it is pliable and holds its shape. It cures in about four hours with a consistency not unlike PVC plastic. I prefer air-drying over (read more...)
Where can I find printed backdrops?
If you see something printed in the backdrop of an Inanimate Objects photo that’s not on the download list, drop me an email. I may be able to help. (read more...)
How long have you been a Batman fan?
Since I was old enough to watch TV. I probably learned to read with the words “Pow,” “Bam, and “Crunch.” Of course, this leads to vaguely disturbing memories of not understanding why I got uncomfortable whenever my mother was in the same room and Yvonne Craig was on TV. (read more...)
What color did you use for (any random) custom?
I get this question a lot, and the truth is I rarely use a color straight from the bottle/tube. I do try to as often as possible, as the color is easier to reapply later if I need to, but most times I have to mix colors. Unless it’s white, (read more...)
Where can I purchase Kneadatite?
I purchase Kneadatite directly from the manufacturer, (read more...)
What is modeling paste?
Modeling paste is a thick liquid that will dry into a chalky, rock like material. It’s useful for some quick fixes and fills, but fairly difficult to use otherwise. Usually available at most art stores near the acrylic paints. (read more...)
Will you sell me a figure, and if so how much?
Between work, family, and my own projects, I rarely have the luxury of time for commissions. So chances are, no, I won’t be able to create and sell a custom on demand. (And the existing figures are not for sale.) Alternatively, I hope that my web site will inspire others (read more...)
How do I mix colors?
There are entire books and courses of study devoted to this question. Needless to say, I can’t even begin to scrape the surface here. Assuming you’re already familiar with the color palette of pigment, acrylics mix well together. I usually mix up just as much as I need at a (read more...)