What’s your work space like?

I have several work areas. The main one is my general purpose desk. This is where I do most of the work, including assembly, sanding, Dremeling and painting. This desk is very much specialized towards customizing. I also have a full workshop in the garage for more general construction, and will often utilize power tools for customs when I need them. (God bless the scroll saw!) In the corner of the garage is a unique construct that usually makes guests scratch their heads: a spray booth made from an old Little Mermaid shower curtain. The frame is made from PVC pipe, and inside is an old pattern cabinet (like in the fabric stores) that’s perfect for storing spray paint. The cabinet is 42″ tall, making it the perfect height to use as a work surface. There’s also an old spinning TV stand in there that allows me to rotate figures so I can spray all sides. Across the top is a line of string and clips allowing me to air dry those things that can’t be touching a surface. (Since there’s no vent, I always wear a filtered mask of some kind.)




(Whoo-boy, these photos are out of date. I don’t even live in that house anymore. I should update these.)