Why would I need access to a computer?
Why, for all the great Inanimate Objects downloads, of course! You can print emblems and costume details, as well as some Inanimate Objects playsets. I’ve also used Photoshop to test ideas by making “virtual” customs. I’ll lay a figure on a scanner and scan an image of the (limb/head/chest/etc.) that (read more...)
How do you decide which figures to make next?
I keep a running list of characters I’d like to see standing on my shelf. Given the responsibilities of real life, sometimes it can take years to work through a chunk of that list. But some characters jump the line. Maybe a new part of base figure just became available, (read more...)
What kinds of paint do I use?
Primarily, I use acrylic paints. Most any acrylics will work fine, be they the $.99 specials or the high-end professional series. Acrylics mix easily, dry quickly, and react well with primer. Primarily, I use the Ceramcoat brand of acryclics, commonly found in craft stores. I’ve used these since I was (read more...)
How can I sand figures to a smooth finish?
Every substance has its own qualities, be it ABS or PVC plastics, Magic Sculpt or Alumilite, styrene or wood. If I need to remove a large mass of something that can’t simply be cut off with a mat knife or saw, I’ll reduce that mass with the large, coarse sanding (read more...)
Where can I find emblems to print?
You can many emblems in the Inanimate Objects downloads section. (read more...)
How much time and money goes into each figure?
Well, from the initial desire to make the figure to the final product can literally take years. Sometimes I’ll want to make a character, but the means of making it won’t exist yet, or might be too costly at that time. Other times I’ll have a hard time figuring out (read more...)
How can I get vibrant, smooth colors with acrylics?
It takes planning and thinking ahead. In general, you want to paint darker colors on top of lighter colors. The quick and dirty solution would be to spray a figure with white primer, and then paint everything on top of that. But that can have some downsides. Maybe you don’t (read more...)
What is Kneadatite?
Kneadatite is a two-part, air-drying compound. It’s primarily designed as a plumber’s epoxy, but artisans have found it to be a great sculpting medium. When mixed, it is pliable and holds its shape. It cures in about four hours with a consistency not unlike PVC plastic. I prefer air-drying over (read more...)
Where can I find printed backdrops?
If you see something printed in the backdrop of an Inanimate Objects photo that’s not on the download list, drop me an email. I may be able to help. (read more...)
How long have you been a Batman fan?
Since I was old enough to watch TV. I probably learned to read with the words “Pow,” “Bam, and “Crunch.” Of course, this leads to vaguely disturbing memories of not understanding why I got uncomfortable whenever my mother was in the same room and Yvonne Craig was on TV. (read more...)