How much time and money goes into each figure?

Well, from the initial desire to make the figure to the final product can literally take years. Sometimes I’ll want to make a character, but the means of making it won’t exist yet, or might be too costly at that time. Other times I’ll have a hard time figuring out how to proceed with a project, but months later I’ll have inspiration as to how.

Assuming I have all the materials, the average figure might take a few days to several weeks depending on my interest in the character and interference from real life. Total man-hours spent might range from one to 30, depending on the complexity of the project. As for money, that’s hard to say. As an artist, I keep a large supply of materials on hand at all times. That includes “fodder,” or figures bought with the express purpose of using them in future custom projects. In most instances, I can go to the fodder boxes and pull what I need to start work, without having to purchase anything at that moment.