Harley Quinn Noir 2.0 (White Knight)
You might be wondering why I chose to remake a character as a custom figure so soon after my previous effort. Two reasons: 1) better parts became available, and 2) I had the opportunity to prepare one as a gift for Mr. Sean Murphy and his wife Katana Collins. This (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Casual)
This White Knight style Harleen statue was made as a gift for Sean Murphy and his wife Katana Collins. I may have also made a copy for myself. 😉 The body and door frame come from a digital sculpt of Penny (Big Bang Theory) by the talented @torrida.minis. I swapped (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Go-Go Dancer)
In the book Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn, we see a younger Harleen Quinzel making her way through college as a Go-Go dancer at a “gentlemen’s club,” as depicted by artist Matteo Scalera. As I was preparing some customs for an event, I realized I had just enough time (read more...)
Batman (Azrael Unmasked)
This one’s just a simple head swap. The older Jean-Paul Valley of the White Knight universe was made from a General Zod head and an Azrael body. I simply added the ponytail. (From some random hair bits in fodder.) The rest is paint. Created June 2023 (read more...)
Batmobile (White Knight)
When I started to dive into the world of resin 3D printing, I had one primary goal: BATMOBILES. And near the top of that list was Sean Murphy’s “White Knight” Batmobile. It took me the better part of two years (and a LOT of mistakes!), but I finally got there. (read more...)
Batman (White Knight Beyond)
Sean Murphy’s “Batman: White Knight” series continues to deliver, bringing us new spins on classic characters. In “Beyond the White Knight,” we meet an older Bruce, imprisoned and identity made public. But no cage can hold Batman! Which eventually leads to this new design. The base figure is the standard (read more...)
Batman (White Knight Unmasked)
I am always down for an “unmasked” variation on the shelf! But this one was not on my radar. Artist-specific unmasked heads can be tough. Mr. Murphy’s (excellent) art is no exception. And then I stumbled across a 3D file of unmasked Bruce by Kamikaze-Kuro on Cults3D. A quick download (read more...)
Edmond Wayne (White Knight)
Sean Murphy’s “Curse of the White Knight” story provides a fascinating (and complicated) history of the Wayne family in his Bat universe. We learn of Batman’s ancestor Edmond Wayne, and his efforts to bring justice to early Gotham. This was one of those projects I had not considered until I (read more...)
Victor Fries (GTO)
Another GTO headswap and repaint! Once again, I applied the same process to the White Knight Joker figure I used on other members of the GTO. The trouble was finding an older male head, preferably bald. The solution came from the team at B3dserk Studios. I adapted their Spectre statue (read more...)
Harley Quinn (White Knight v2)
I have already made a White Knight version of Harley in her red coat and glasses, and I am very pleased with it. But I saw someone post this recipe online, and I wanted to try it myself. Can’t have too many versions of Harley! (I can’t recall who posted (read more...)