Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell)
It was only a matter of time before I found ways to bring Jessica Rabbit to my Bombshells shelf. It was inevitable. This Jessica is a 3D sculpt by the talented E.S Monster. I scaled it down to match my Bombshell figures, and removed the base. The first time around (read more...)
Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell Ranger)
As I was working on my version of the Jessica Rabbit sculpt by E.S Monster, I was struck with a “eureka” moment: I could use the slightly-less toony look to create her Ranger look from “Trail Mix Up,” and the existing Bombshells Wonder Woman would be a terrific base figure! (read more...)
Wonder Woman (Bombshell)
Adding 3D printing to my bag of tricks has really opened up some possibilities I could not access before. Almost any statue can be used to create a new head. This is a perfect example. The original (and AMAZING) statue is by Nil Tawata. I printed the head, made some (read more...)
Mera (Bombshell)
DC Collectibles produced an excellent Mera figure, sporting her flared pants look. They also made a statue of Mera, wearing her 1940s bathing suit and hat ensemble. I wanted to recreate that look as a custom figure. I carried this idea in my head for several years. I knew that (read more...)
Jungle Girl (Bombshell)
There have been many comic book ladies that went by the moniker “Jungle Girl.” The name was used in the 1940s for a series of comics. As the trademark was tossed around to different publishers, it was applied to different characters. So much so it’s almost become generic. Frank Cho (read more...)
Francine Langstrom (Bombshell Bat Monster)
What would Man-Bat look like in the Bombshells universe? The monstrous transformation probably would not have fallen to Kirk Langstrom first. More likely, his wife would be the first to be altered by the serum. Of curse, she has a history of becoming a Man-Bat…. er, WoMan-bat? Lady Man-Bat?…. in (read more...)
Batgirl (Bombshell Bat Monster)
When NECA announced their Gargoyles Demona figure, this Batgirl monster was my first thought. I knew I had to merge parts from a Bombshell Batgirl and Demona together to create this monstrosity. In the DC Bombshells comics, Batgirl starts out as a pilot (purple), and then becomes a vampire (orange). (read more...)
Aquaman (Bombshell)
Can’t have a Bombshells Mera without an Aquaman, right? Aquaman’s torso and arms began as a wrestler from Jazware’s wrestling line. Despite the fact the line is 1:12 (6″) scale, I find that some of the larger men work well as 1:10. I’d tell you which wrestler it was, but (read more...)
Peggy Carter (Agent)
One of the best things to come out of Disney’s MCU is Haley Atwell’s portrayal of Peggy Carter. We are big fans in this house. (We watched both seasons of the excellent TV show, gone before its time.) My wife is especially fond of the character, so I made this (read more...)
Captain Carter
In Marvel’s “What If” animated series, Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum and becomes the hero known as Captain Carter. It was a great start to a great series! Before the season was finished, Hex3D already had a model for us to print and paint. Thanks, Geoff! The end (read more...)