Harley’s Holiday
Some time ago I ran across the children’s book “Harley’s Holiday.” It’s one of those large books with buttons for audio clips. I’d seen the cover from time to time and didn’t give it much thought. This time around, I got a glimpse at the interior art. Not only was (read more...)
Supergirl Painting
After the success of my Harley and Batgirl painting, I was eager to start my next project. I researched several options, and ultimately decided to use this frame of Supergirl. I felt it would make a great painting, given the forced perspective. I think I was right! Supergirl is 24″ (read more...)
Mad Love Digital Art
For my second dip into the vector pool, I upped the ante and chose my favorite hench gal, Harley! What more iconic image of the criminal jester than her break out of the Joker from “Mad Love?” While simple by professional standards, I found this piece to be a fun (read more...)
Batgirl & Harley Quinn Painting
Several months ago I decided my studio was in need of some redecorating. This primarily involved the removal of several figures and shelves, as the sheer number of figures became overwhelming. (They’ve since been properly archived.) Of course, their removal left a large space on the walls. What I really (read more...)
Calendar 2013
It’s Year 4 of the Inanimate Objects calendar! This year’s is the most exciting yet, as I was fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the best Harley Quinn cosplayers in the observable universe: Tara Strand, Laura Magnusson, and DesiRee Preston. They’re all creative souls overflowing with talent. Thanks for (read more...)
Calendar 2012
In what has become an annual tradition (is three times a tradition yet?), I present the Inanimate Objects 2012 calendar! The 2012 edition features photos of some of my favorite customs. This one wasa lot of fun to make. If I can’t make customs for everyone, I hope some of (read more...)
Calendar 2011
Last year’s calendar was such a big hit, I felt obligated to continue what may turn into a tradition. The 2011 Calendar features art of the DC ladies as rendered by the mighty Bruce Timm! Please bear in mind that some of the source material for these images was less-than-stellar, (read more...)
Calendar 2010
I recently bound my entire DC animated comics collection as a series of hardcover books. (I recommend this to everyone!) Before doing so, I scanned in all the covers. The first big project I used the covers for was a 2010 calendar. Every year I seem to have a harder (read more...)
Black Canary Digital Art
As much as I enjoy a true painting, I’ve wanted to develop my vector-based drawing skills for some time. I figured I’d just dive right into the deep end of the pool and tackle Dinah’s crazy hair! The entire image was created in Illustrator. I did my best to capture (read more...)