Kara Kent (Disguise)
Since I was already making a Kara Kent in her overalls, I decided to go one step further and make her as she appears in one of her disguises. I started with the same torso and arms I used on the previous Kara. I swapped the legs for Mary Marvel’s, (read more...)
Kara Kent
Kara Kent I can’t have a Clark, Jonathan, and Martha without Kara! I had to correct this problem. I wanted to depict Kara in her “at home in Smallville” outfit. The basic formula consists of adding the Gypsy legs (with bare feet) to the standard Mattel female torso, with the (read more...)
Jonathan Kent
I’ve always enjoyed the interpretation of the Kents as seen on Superman: the Animated Series. Thus I wanted figures of them on my shelf. I decided it was time to fill that void. Jonathan Kent was built from Two-Face legs and hands, and a Joker torso and arms. The rest (read more...)
Hamilton Hill (TNBA)
I started Mayor Hill as an afterthought while working on other customs. His body is comprised of discarded pieces: Two-Face torso, Ra’s arms, and Joker hands and legs. I really wanted his noggin to be accurate, and that was going to be tough to build from existing heads. So I (read more...)
Green Lanterns
I am not a huge Green Lantern fan. I like them well enough, and know more than your average bear. (I loved the animated series!) But I don’t know every alien by name. And that’s why I don’t know the first thing about Kreon (named for Hasbro’s fake Legos?), Meadlux, (read more...)
Batman (Grapnel)
You already know that GeekVariety Customs makes some fantastic character kits, but he also makes some great accessories. It’s these little details he adds that can really enhance a figure. In this case, it’s Batman’s grapnel gun, in the BTAS style. GeekVariety made this to fit on a Justice League (read more...)
Harvey Dent (1989 Movie)
Let’s be honest. Mattel’s attempts at making 3 ¾” scale figures has been a joke since day one. Everything they’ve made looks like a Happy Meal toy. Especially compared to some of the works of art Hasbro has released at that scale. I guess practice really does make perfect. With (read more...)
Batman (Anti-Fire)
This one’s been on the books for years, but never seemed to make the cut. I finally got around to it with this batch. The boots, gauntlets, and belt buckle are made from Magic Sculpt. For the remainder of the belt, I got lazy and applied cut vinyl. Note to (read more...)
Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Gotham Adventures run of comics has some great stories and characters in it. It’s really an undervalued resource. Issue 8 introduced a Timm-verse version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’ve been wanting to make this guy for a very long time. From time to time, this project would (read more...)
Green Lantern Aya
Aya was masterfully sculpted/adapted by Batjack. This was one of those projects that I’d been meaning to get to for quite some time, but kept putting off. During this latest batch, I thought I’d tack her while other pieces cured or dried, because she’d be mostly white spray paint and (read more...)