Green Lantern Aya
Posted on October 30, 2014


Aya was masterfully sculpted/adapted by Batjack, and cast by Stew. This was one of those projects that I’d been meaning to get to for quite some time, but kept putting off. During this latest batch, I thought I’d tack her on while other pieces cured or dried, because she’d be mostly white spray paint and some brushed-on details. Famous last words. What a challenge to paint! I had no idea what I was getting into. Still, it was fun to finish her finally.

Her fingers didn’t survive the casting process, so I replaced them with fingers from the fodder bin. Magnets hold her joints together. I used trim ape for the straight lines.

I realized when I was about 90% finished with the painting that everything I had made black should have been dark green. Oh well. I’m not going back now!

Get your own Aya kit here!

Created August 2014



  • Jim O'donnelly says:

    Very nice. I couldn’t get into the series, but I loved AYa’s design.
    My only misgiving about trim tape is that it shrinks over time. still, by the time it would need replacing… uh, good idea!

    • Yeah, the trim tape is very much an experiment. On the other hand, I’ve placed stickers on customs that lasted years. When they fell off, I just applied some matte gel as decoupage and they looked good as new.

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