Site Update: June 12, 2016 Dark Claw and Sparrow

160611-Dark-ClawWelcome to an Inanimate Objects update! A new section has been added to galleries: 6″ Animated! It was only a matter of time before I started working in that scale, now that we have some raw material. After these many years without, it’s great to see so many screen-accurate characters made in a larger size.

This update also sees new creations in the way of 35mm miniatures, and some Arkham “wrasslers.” The full list follows.

Dark Claw


Arkham Inmates

Arkham Guard

White Rabbit

Harley Quinn (Mini BTAS)

Catwoman (Mini BTAS)

Batman (Mini TNBA)

Lex Luthor (McG)

Robin (BTAS)

Batgirl (TNBA)

Catwoman (BTAS)

Harley Quinn (BTAS)

The Joker (BTAS)

The Penguin (BTAS)

Poison Ivy (TNBA)


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