Harley Quinn (McG Style)
It seems when I start to make one Harley, I can’t help but make more. Though in retrospect, I don’t recommend painting multiple variations of that costume at one time to anybody. I love the Ed McGuinness figures by DC Direct. Yeah, they can be corny, and the some of (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Arkham Asylum Inmate)
I have enjoyed the heck out of the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games. They’re effectively a CGI, “realistically” rendered extension of the animated series. I also enjoy the art of Carlos D’Anda, who was a character designer on the game, and also illustrated the Arkham City comic (written by (read more...)
One day, I realized that the Danger Girl figures might make great bases for an 6″-scale DeeDee. With the price of Danger Girl figures dropping faster than internet start-ups, now seemed the best time to try. The first DeeDee (to the left) is made from the bob-haired Blonde Danger Girl. (read more...)
Black Mask (Batman Disguise)
I’m not one to normally make “villain of the week” characters, as they tend to be quickly forgotten, but I really enjoyed the recent images of Black Mask dressed as Batman during the “War Crimes” story. Given that this project would not be difficult, and I already had the parts, (read more...)
Batman (Adams Style)
For many people, the Neal Adams/Marshall Rogers/Jim Aparo style Batman is the definitive version. I personally prefer the non-blue, non-oval versions myself, but I appreciate this version all the same. Why a legitimate figure of this interpretation hasn’t been made yet is simply baffling. The basis of this recipe was (read more...)
Batgirl (Cassandra Cain McG Style)
For my second tentative step into the McGuinness pool, I opted to make a Cassandra Batgirl, as she appeared in “Public Enemies.” This wasn’t a terribly difficult project. The base was an existing Superwoman figure, which was just about perfect. I sculpted over the mouth with Magic Sculpt and added (read more...)
Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
First, thanks go out to StrangeMark of Custom City. He was the first I know of to suggest using the Kabuki figure as a base for a modern Cassandra Cain Batgirl in the 6″ scale. And a great idea it was, StrangeMark! Kabuki is right in scale with the Mattel (read more...)