Site Update: September 25, 2020 Beware the Batman

Were you one of the six people that watched Beware the Batman when it aired on Cartoon network in 2013? I was. At first, I had difficulty getting into it, but I think it’s because the first episode starts with Professor Pyg and Toad, two characters I am not overly fond of. I never really got past that at the time. While I ultimately saw every episode, I was never given a chance to develop any affection for it, as Cartoon network torpedo’d any chance of the show finding any audience by constantly changing the schedule, or going weeks without airing a new episode. In the end, they dumped a big chunk of the final 13 episodes in the middle of the night and then washed their hands of it. The show never stood a chance.

If there’s a silver lining to this hellscape that is 2020, it’s that some of us have a little more time to revisit some great TV. I rewatched the entire run of the show, and I have to tell you, it’s pretty darned good when watched without 6-month gaps. The scripts are tight, the arcs well reasoned, and the characters are compelling. Better yet, much of the creative staff previously worked on Timmverse shows, and that DNA shows through in much of the design work. The ladies, especially, could have stepped right out of TNBA or JLU.

So, with this newfound respect and admiration for Beware the Batman, I had to make some customs to go with the one, solitary Batman figure Mattel released. (Does an animated program fail because there are no toys to sell, or do the toys not get made because the network kills the show first? It’s a mystery*.)

I also had time to crank out a new Bombshell Harley,  because I just can’t help myself.



Lady Shiva


Bombshell Circus Ringmaster Harley Quinn

And, as usual, the photo archive has been updated.

September 2020

*Mystery is overrated.


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