Veronica Vreeland
Posted on June 30, 2013


So as anyone might guess, “Harley’s Holiday” is one of my favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. Since I made a Harley on skates, I had to make Veronica to go with her. It just makes sense. (And after working on these prints, they were both on my mind.)

Veronica is made from a standard Mattel female body, with sculpted details added. Her hat is made from styrene and Super Sculpey, and is removable. The head is a Justice Lords Wonder Woman, which in retrospect may not have been the best choice. While I managed to get the details correct, the total package somehow doesn’t scream “Veronica Vreeland” to me. Still, better than nothing.

Created December 2011



  • Dimitrik says:

    It looks really good to me, I’ll probably try to make her next, I did notice you said it doesn’t really scream Veronica Vreeland, do think it’s because of the little tuff of hair that should hang down close to her face?!

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