Ha’leen Quin-Zell
Ha’leen Quin-Zell represents Harleen Quinzell in “Gotham Wars.” And frankly, the whole thing is her fault. Many years ago, I got it in my head to adapt Harley to the “slave Leia” look. I was inspired by some of the great fan art and cosplayers I’d seen, but I’d never (read more...)
Pyggy represents a Gamorrean Guard in “Gotham Wars.” He’s a simple repaint of Professor Pyg. He was such an obvious addition to the cast I could not ignore him. Created February 2018 (read more...)
RD-L3R represents a generic protocol droid/Riddler in “Gotham Wars.” He’s a repaint of the Black Series C-3PO. The green is Testor’s metallic green, which came out far better than I expected. I added some rust spots with acrylic. Created February 2018 (read more...)
The Knight
The Knight represents a Jedi/Batman in “Gotham Wars.” My initial plan was to simply slap a black rope over an existing Batman figure, place a lightsaber in his hand, and call it a day. That plan changed when I came across the Black Series landspeeder on clearance, and it got (read more...)
Joh’ker the Hutt
Joh’ker the Hutt represents Joker/Jabba the Hutt in “Gotham Wars.” He’s a simple repaint of the Black Series Jabba figure. His yellow underbelly became white. And his face got a Ledger-style makeover, complete with glossy drool. Created February 2018 (read more...)
Bobah Sh’ott
Bobah Sh’ott represents Boba Fett/Deadshot in “Gotham Wars.” He’s a straight-up repaint of the white “prototype” Boba Fett figure. I masked off the cloth cape, shot him with dullcote so the paint had something to adhere to, and went to town with the trusty acrylics. It was fun trying to (read more...)
AL-FR3D plays the part of R2-D2/Alfred Pennyworth in “Gotham Wars.” He’s just a simple repaint. After masking off certain sections, I applied Testor’s transparent black spray paint. Any blue details remaining were hand painted black. I left a “v” shape unpainted on the front to suggest the shape of Alfred’s (read more...)
Robin In Carbonite
Once the idea of expanding from a single custom of Harley as slave Leia turned into “Gotham Wars,” it didn’t take long to figure out that someone was going to end up frozen in Carbonite. Robin was my first choice, because the idea struck me as funny. I also knew (read more...)
Scarfacious B. Crumb
Scarfacious B. Crumb represents Scarface/Salacious B. Crumb in “Gotham Wars.” He’s mostly a repaint of the Arkham City game Scarface figure. I added a hat from fodder, and some sculpted ears. Created February 2018   (read more...)
The Batspeeder was not in the original plan for “Gotham Wars,” but I came across a Black Series landspeeder on clearance, and it just spoke to me. Funny how projects expand like that. The detail on the landspeeder is fantastic! They managed to replicate all the damage seen on screen. (read more...)