Phantom Lady (Bombshell)
Posted on June 5, 2020

Many years ago DC Direct produced an excellent Golden Age Phantom lady action figure (though the articulation was lousy, as was their style at the time). When I brought home my first set of Bombshell figures, one of the first things I did was dig out said figure. Alas, it was not a match. The older figure was a much smaller scale. She looked like a Hobbit in comparison to the Bombshells. Now jump ahead a few years. I’m cranking out Bombshells customs, and I have a Phantom Lady in fodder. So I decided to make use of her.

The body is a DC Essentials Cheetah. (Any DC Essentials gal will do. I just happen to have the body left over from a previous project. Had to remove the tail piece!) The feet come from an Essentials Harley, and the hands from a Bombshell Ivy. I really wanted to use the head of the older Phantom Lady figure, but it was just too small. It looked squished on this body. So I fell back on the old stand-by of an Ivy head. The new hair and other details were sculpted in Magic Sculpt. I did use the older Phantom Lady’s cape and goggles. The cape works great. The goggles are a hair too small, but given how hard those would be to recreate, I let it slide.

It seems weird to me that DC never used the actual bombshells that were around back in the day for the Bombshells line. Phantom Lady and Lady Blackhawk would both have been excellent candidates.

Created May 2020



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