Max Gibson
Posted on June 30, 2013


Like most everything about the Batboy show, I grew to accept and even like the character of Max. Obviously, she became important enough that I felt she needed to be represented in plastic. Max’s torso and arms are that of Princess What’s-her-name. I chose PWHN as she is a bit more, er, well-endowed than most figures, and by the later episodes Max appears to have been animated that way. The left arm was repositioned at the elbow, and I think both hands have been replaced. (Sorry, it’s been awhile since I made her.)

I cut off PWHN’s legs at the upper thigh and replaced them with Harley legs also cut off at the thigh. I used Kneadatite to build up the shoes. Max’s head is from Harley as well. After removing the tassels, I dunked her head into Alumilite to fill in the mask etching. After sanding the scalp smooth, I used Kneadatite again to sculpt her hair. Her belt and armband are strips of vinyl.

All in all, not a bad effort.

Created Summer 2001



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