Lady Blackhawk
Posted on June 30, 2013


During Son of CAPE (2006), I had the chance to meet the amazing Gail Simone. During the course of the day, I was painting my 6-inch scale Lady Blackhawk. Gail seemed to really like the figure, and I regretted the fact I couldn’t finish the figure while on site.

This year, I got wise and planned ahead. I built and painted an animated style Lady Blackhawk well in advance. (Animated because, well, I don’t want to repeat myself.) When Bride of CAPE came along, Lady Blackhawk was ready!

Lady Blackhawk uses Zatanna as a base, primarily because of the sleeves and jacket. Magic Sculpt was applied to build up the wide double-breasted jacket, skirt, belt and boots. Her hat comes from the parts box.

I’m proud to say this figure is now in the possession of Gail Simone.

Created Spring 2007


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