Harley Quinn
Posted on October 30, 2014


Of the many Harley Quinn figures I’ve made and/or own, I did not have a “generic” Harley in the 6”-7” scale. (Well, there’s the Mattel version, but it’s pretty lousy.) So I set out to make one.

I was struck by how near perfect the DC Direct Livewire might work as a base for Harley. So I adapted that using Magic Sculpt. I stole the feet, ruffles, collar, and hands off a Mattel Harley, more out of laziness than anything else. (The hands and ruffs are a bit too small, but again, lazy wins.)

As much as I like the overall sculpt, I made an error in painting. I’m so used to painting animated Harleys, I painted her mask animated-style. I should have left the mask open around the eyes, so we can see them better, as she is often depicted in the comics. Heck, I should have just kept the great looking Livewire face unpainted. Oh well. Live and learn. I may replace the head later.

Created August 2014



  • jordan says:

    how do you feel about the upcomeing dc direct harley aned the icons line in general?
    p.s. what posin ivy and catwoman are those.

    • I am very excited about it! DC Collectibles upcoming new Harley is effectively what I was trying to go for with this custom, but mine fell short. I’m be happy to upgrade! The Ivy in the photo is the Brain Bolland style from DC Direct (i don’t recall the series name.) Catwoman is the DC Direct Hush version.

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