Harley Quinn (Unmasked)
Posted on August 28, 2017

You knew it wouldn’t be long before I fashioned an unmasked Harley head. Ironically, within a few days of finishing this, DC Collectibles announced their own in the Harley Expressions pack. (The Casimir Curse strikes again!) Fortunately, that head is meant for the BTAS body, and mine fits the larger TNBA body. Everybody wins!

The base head is Roxy Rocket. Her expression was the best for Harley. I yanked off the goggles and built up the hair and pigtails with Magic Sculpt. I then had some castings made, because I knew I’d be needing more than one.

The head required some drilling for the neck assembly on the TNBA Harley body, but it went fairly smooth. Please be aware that every figure has a different neck shape/mechanism, so each head fitting is a unique process.

Expect to see more of this noggin in the future! (And don’t worry. I found a use for the rest of Roxy.)

Created August 2017


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