Harley Quinn (Bombshell)
Posted on August 28, 2017

When I crafted an unmasked Harley noggin from a Roxy Rocket figure, I knew I didn’t want the rest of Roxy to go to waste. Fortunately, the answer was staring me in the face from my shelves: animated-style Bombshell Harley! It was a natural fit!

As with some of my previous animated-style adaptions, I simplified the design a bit. I applied Magic Sculpt to build up the leggings, socks, and cuffs of her shorts. I did my best not to damage the jacket because it was already perfect! The belt is a casting of a Hasbro Detective Batman. (It’s been in the parts box for well over a decade. Someone sent it to me and I don’t recall whom that was. Sorry!) The head is my previously mentioned unmasked Harley, with goggles sculpted on. A little paint and she’s ready to join the Allies at the front!

Created August 2017



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