Harleen Quinzel (Doctor)
Posted on May 18, 2019

When I started building customs for the 6” animated line, I told myself I did not want to revisit characters I had already made in the previous smaller scale. (Aside from some unmasked heads, and such.) But I knew that rule couldn’t last forever, especially as the line is winding down and there are still some characters left unmade. And now the first domino has fallen!

6” Doc Harleen follows a very similar recipe to her shorter cousin. The base is Lois Lane. I removed the pleated skirt and replaced it with a pencil skirt shaped from epoxy. (This locked the legs into place, but she wasn’t going to be sitting anytime soon.) I had intended to use Lois’ head, but once the hair was removed it became clear the head was too small and the wrong shape. To get the right shape, I opted to use a TNBA Ivy head. It’s a probably a bit too large, but still viable. I bulked up the cheeks a bit, and added the hair using Magic Sculpt.

For glasses, I tried a new approach. In the animated version of “Mad Love,” the thickness of the glasses frames varies from scene to scene. In one moment, they are super thin. The next time they appear thick. This allowed a “safety range” for my efforts. I sliced off the end of a styrene tube for each circle, sanding down both pieces to match. The bridge was a small chunk of styrene rod. I glued the three pieces together, painted them black, and then carefully glued them to her head.

She’s not perfect, but the final effect works. I guess now I should make some villains wearing inmate attire, or at least some more doctors.

Oh, a word on the Arkham Asylum set used in the photos. I used the same art I created for my smaller Asylum playset. As much as I would like to rebuild that whole set in the larger scale, I currently don’t have the time! I simply printed some scaled-up walls and then affixed them to foam core. What you see here are tenuously balanced walls, ready to collapse if you breath too hard.

Created Spring 2019




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