How do I find your stuff on eBay?
Just search for seller “Casimir,” but I haven’t sold anything there in years. eBay’s policies are not seller-friendly. (read more...)
Why did you begin customizing Batman figures?
I’m a big Batman and DC fan, and I wanted to add to the roster of characters on my shelf. Back in the day, Kenner and Hasbro rarely made characters beyond rainbow-colored Batmen or the occasional off-model villain. And female characters were almost unheard of. So I took it upon (read more...)
Why not Star Wars, Marvel, Buffy or (random sci-fi project)?
Simply put, I make what I like. Most of the pieces on Inanimate Objects are DC or DC-related, but there are a few other lines represented. In a perfect world in which time, space, and money were not limitations, I’d collect a whole lot more! And customize anything that struck (read more...)
How can I get a job in the toy industry like you?
First, I don’t work in the toy industry. Second, you’ll need a lot of luck. In the past, the large toy manufacturers wanted only people with engineering backgrounds. If you were artistically talented and knew all there was to know about toys, they wouldn’t talk to you. To a degree, (read more...)
How long has the site been open?
Inanimate Objects has been proudly operating since April, 2003. (read more...)
What was the inspiration for the site’s design?
Golden age comic books, of course! Specifically, old and beat up ones. When I design something of this nature, I like to start with a general theme and work my way towards the specifics. For this most recent design, I had spent weeks racking my brain for a satisfying concept. (read more...)
How many years have you been making your own action figures?
If you mean how long have I made a concentrated effort at making these figures in a consistent size and quality? Since 1995. If you mean in general, since I was old enough to take a screw driver to the back of a G.I. Joe figure. (read more...)
How do you decide which figures to make next?
I keep a running list of characters I’d like to see standing on my shelf. Given the responsibilities of real life, sometimes it can take years to work through a chunk of that list. But some characters jump the line. Maybe a new part of base figure just became available, (read more...)
How much time and money goes into each figure?
Well, from the initial desire to make the figure to the final product can literally take years. Sometimes I’ll want to make a character, but the means of making it won’t exist yet, or might be too costly at that time. Other times I’ll have a hard time figuring out (read more...)
How long have you been a Batman fan?
Since I was old enough to watch TV. I probably learned to read with the words “Pow,” “Bam, and “Crunch.” Of course, this leads to vaguely disturbing memories of not understanding why I got uncomfortable whenever my mother was in the same room and Yvonne Craig was on TV. (read more...)