Amanda Waller
Glassman is one of my favorite JLU customizers. He honed his craft on Star Wars customs, then added to JLU to his mighty repertoire. He’s a heck of a talent, and a gentlemen to boot! On occasion, he makes casts of his original sculpts and makes a limited amount available (read more...)
Nora Fries
  After the success of my other memorial pieces, Nora Fries seemed a natural candidate. The figure itself was made from an Anastasia body, Mulan (skirt) arms, and a Blink head. The hair was sculpted from Kneadatite. This was my first attempt at using this material (thanks Yer Pal Boneyard!), (read more...)
Emil Hamilton
Professor Hamilton is another project that started from Glassman’s fantastic head-sculpts. We’re very lucky Glassman is so talented, and can share his work on a limited basis. I followed Glassman’s lead on the recipe, too. The base body is a DC Direct “Superman: Doomsday” Lex. It’s a bit small in (read more...)