Weather Wizard
Posted on July 4, 2013


Weather Wizard is another one of those not-to-difficult customs that I’ve been meaning to make for ages, and am only now getting around to.

His base is Mattel’s Two-Face. The slightly smaller scale means he fits in well with his Secret Society cronies. Magic Sculpt was added to fill in the profile along the torso and the suit details, creating the “jumpsuit” look. Two-Face’s coin hand was swapped with a hand from the parts box. Vinyl was used to make the belt, gloves and boots.

His head is a modified Ra’s al Ghul, with newly sculpted hair. Fitting the head to the body required a new collar be sculpted. The goggles are cut from green acetate. The acetate was scored and folded to make the proper shape.

His weather-control rod is a bit of styrene with globes from the parts box.

Created Spring 2006


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