Volcana (STAS)
Posted on July 4, 2013


Many long time readers are familiar with my “curse”: I customize a character, and then an official release is announced. A few years ago I made my first JLU Black Canary. A few months later Mattel’s version was in my hands. (Though it needed to be fixed, in and of itself!) So, my first Canary custom got recycled. The existing body could be easily modified to make an STAS Volcana, a character I’d meant to make for some time. So, I once again started to diligently Dremel and shape. Before I could even get to the wacky hair, Mattel announced their version of a JLU Volcana. (Which also needed corrections.) Why spend the time sculpting that wacky hair when I could just wait awhile? And so I did. Volcana’s headless body sat in the closet for the better part of a year, awaiting the day when she could be on the shelf. And now she is. Life can be funny.

The jacket, boots and dress are all Magic Sculpt on a JL Wonder Woman body. (I think. It’s been awhile.) The glove cuffs are vinyl. And the now properly painted head is by Mattel.

Created Spring 2007


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