Posted on June 30, 2013

vixen-jlu-02I was thrilled to hear Mattel would be making a Vixen figure. Alas, my joy was deflated when I saw the protoype, and even more so when I had the final product in my hands. I don’t mind painted-on details and the re-use of parts in order to crank out as many characters as possible. What I do mind, however, are bad paint jobs, poor color selection and awful head sculpts. Vixen’s outfit was almost the same color as her skin, and her head was… Let’s just say it was disporportionate and leave it at that. It was almost as if the figure included an invitation asking me to improve it.

I discarded the oddly sculpted head and used a Justice Lords Wonder Woman head, sculpting a new scalp and hair. The necklace and belt of claws and teeth were sculpted, and the animal totem cut from vinyl. The rest is just paint. (Oh what a difference accurate colors make!)

Created Winter 2007


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