Vigilante (Bombshell)
Posted on June 21, 2021

Vigilante seemed like another one of those characters that would have been a perfect fit in the Bombshell universe, but was never used in the comic. I am here to correct that oversight.

The base figure is Diamond Select’s Westworld Teddy Flood, a most versatile fodder figure. I removed the coat, Dremeled away some shirt details, and then sculpted the panel shirt on top (with buttons cut from styrene rods). Vig wears two pistols in reverse position, so I had to cut off the existing holster and attach it to the other side, and then use another holster from a different figure on the opposite side. (I don’t remember where the second holster came from. I do remember playing the “right-left-reverse-will-it-work game” was not fun.) I used strips of vinyl and ProCreate to create the second tie-down. The mask comes from Teddy’s sometimes girlfriend Bandit Delores. The rope is just cotton string.

Created May 2021


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