Vicky Victory
Posted on June 1, 2019

If you’re reading this site, then you already know I’m a big fan of Bruce Timm’s artistic style. I am fortunate to have some prints of his work. One such print features three female analogs to the WWII era “Invaders,” consisting of Captain America, Namor, and the original Human Torch. It hangs in my studio, and I was inspired to craft some custom figures of the characters.

Before I discuss the recipes, I should explain that I made/assembled/sculpted/customized each of these with only the print on my wall as reference. Imagine my surprise when, shortly after I finished the dimensional work but before most of the paint, I learned these three ladies had appeared in a comic and had names! @BruceTimmCollector on Instagram happened to share some art from the comic entitled “King Fu Bible Stories.” It was an anthology book released during SDCC 2014. It features a Bruce Timm story starring “The Fightin’ Femmes of WWII.” And thus I officially met Devil Doll, Neptuna the She-Serpent, and Vicki Victory. With this new reference I was able to make some changes to the figures, though some aspects were locked in.

Vicki Victory was built on a TNBA Poison Ivy base. Look at the knees. See how they are different from each other? That’s because this Ivy was a factory reject from China via eBay. It’s okay. They still work. Magic Sculpt makes up her outfit, the belt, and the gloves. Her shoes were donated by an older Phantom Lady figure. The head was a TNBA Batgirl, with new hair and mask.

I didn’t know she carried a shield until I saw the comic, and even then we never see the front of it. We only see that it’s a star shape. So I cut it from styrene, and designed a garish, ultra-patriotic front. Just seemed appropriate, somehow.

Created Spring 2019


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