Ventriloquist & Scarface (TNBA)
Posted on July 4, 2013


Step by step, figure by figure, I get closer to filling out the ranks of both the old and new school villains. These two were tough ones that eluded me for years. I made several attempts over the years, but I could always tell early in the process the final result would not be to my liking. Fortunately, I think my patience paid off.

(Just a humorous note: It’s been so long between when these were sculpted and my writing this recipe, I’m having a hard time remembering what I used.)

The legs and torso of Arnold are that of a Hasbro Gordon. Obviously, the Hasbro-fed beer belly was dremeled away, and the legs were repositioned. A new school Joker donated the shoes. The tie was hacked out, and vinyl makes the lapels. The arms and head are from the Hasbro old school Ventriloquist. The left arm is attached with screw posts, but as the right arm can’t swivel all the way around, it’s permanently glued. Arnold’s head was reshaped by removing the hair with the dremel, and then using Kneadatite to reshape the chin and cranium.

Li’l Scarface was a heck of a challenge. Most everything about the waist line is the Hasbro old school version, heavily reshaped. The torso was truncated, the face was cut into and then reshaped with Kneadatite, and his arms were swapped out for newly sculpted little stubby ones. His little ankles are bits of styrene rods, and his feet are Kneadatite.

There is certainly room for improvement, but I think they make fine representations of the characters. Again, I think my patience paid off.

Created Spring 2003


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