Ventriloquist (Peyton Riley)
Posted on July 14, 2018

Scarface and the Ventriloquist are two of my favorite Bat Rogues. I was somewhat dismayed when Arnold Whesker was killed in the comics universe back in 2006. But thanks to the never-ending genius of Paul Dini, Scarface was brought back shortly thereafter with a new “dummy,” this time in the form of Peyton Riley. The two of them stirred up trouble in Gotham for a couple of years, but I think Peyton has since been lost to the mess of New52 nonsense. (I think Arnold is again the Ventriloquist, but I don’t keep up with mainstream DC comics like I used to.) I always thought Peyton was a fun variation on the old split personality riff, and a custom would mean another villain on my shelf.

Peyton’s body is an old Tekken Anna figure. (Admittedly more statue than action figure.) I swapped out the arms with a pair of Bombshell Poison Ivy arms so she’d have the double-jointed elbows necessary to hold Scarface. Peyton’s head uses an old Danger Girl noggin. Between the body and head, this custom looks like it was made circa 2003.  Never throw away parts, kids!

I crafted a hat from Magic Sculpt and vinyl, but the primer I shot it with left an unsightly texture. So the hat is already in semi-retirement.

Scarface is the DC Collectibles version. I repainted the suit so he’d be slightly different. I figure there’s no harm in him looking animated. He’s a puppet! No need for realism there.

I started working on Peyton before I had a whole set of Bombshells in mind. She’s not really a Bombshell in my book. She’s a more recent Bat Rogue. But she fit in with the Bombshells well enough (if a bit short), so I included her in this current batch.

Created July 2018


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