Talia al Ghul (BTAS)
Posted on July 4, 2013

talia-al-ghul-btas-02Well, like all the recent Hasbro/ TRU offerings, I am perplexed by Talia. I am oh so thankful to have her, yet scratching my head as to why she’s not quite right. The basic design is accurate, the sculpt is acceptable. But the look is off. Again, I think they let the interns sculpt these. But hey, I don’t mind a fixer-upper opportunity.

The first thing to go was the Veronica Lake peek-a-boo curl. I love that curl. It looks great. But it’s not accurate for Talia. I filled it in and sanded it smooth. Next I added a small strip of vinyl around her leg, keeping her holster in place. Technically, she should have one more pouch on her belt, but I let that detail slide. Finally, I removed those awful club-hopping boots and gave her some more appropriate Harley feet. In some appearances, Talia has a slight heel, sometimes not. I opted for not, as that was easier to create. Finally, an accurate paint job, and she’s finished. Her body suit actually is painted a very deep purple. A might bit too deep, perhaps, as it appears black. But then, it did in the show, too.

Created Summer 2002


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