Superman (Bombshell)
Posted on June 21, 2021

This is another custom project where the whole thing depends on the base figure. I needed to find a male figure, 7″-scale, “heroic” without being bulky. That’s actually quite tough to find. And I was looking for quite some time.

One day I’m in a Target, and I stumble across a Jazwares AEW wrestling figure. I have no interest in wrestling, but I will occasionally use wrestling figures for parts. I knew the Jazwares AEW line was very hard to find on the pegs. The figure in question was Dustin Rhodes. I couldn’t tell you who that is, but I noticed that for a 6″-scaled line, he was a mighty big fella. I even compared him to some McFarlane DC Multiverse figures on the pegs, and yes, he could pass for 7″-scale. But when I tried to think of a use for him, my might went blank. So I put him back on the peg for a true wrestling fan to find.

Then I got home and realized he’d have been perfect for Bombshell Superman! Needless to say when I went back the figure was long gone.

But I didn’t give up! I found one for an acceptable price on eBay. Did I put a potentially rare wrestling figure under the knife? Why yes, yes I did.

Using Magic Sculpt, I filled in some of the sculpted degtails, then added the shirt, logo, cuffs, and belt sash. The hanging sash on his backside is cut from a smaller Super cape (couldn’t tell you if it belonged to Superman or Supergirl). The sash is held in place with magnets glued to the “cape” and buried in the belt.  The head is a McFarlane basic Superman with an added mustache.

He’s not 100% accurate, but he’s fairly close.

Created May 2021



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