Star Sapphire
Posted on July 4, 2013


Ah, Star Sapphire… The little custom that almost wasn’t.

Sapphire’s another of those that’s been on my list a long time. When I finally found the time to make her, I found the sculptural modifications and additions to the Wonder Woman base were not too difficult. Diana’s details were sanded down, then the gloves, mask and hair “extension” were shaped from Kneadatite. I was very pleased.

Then came the paint. As Doubledealer will tell you, achieving that particular shade of pink is no mean feat. Originally, I brushed it on, using a “neon” pink acrylic paint. Apple Barrel makes a number of “neon” colors that I’ve used before. The problem is, they’re very translucent and thin. By the time enough coats are applied to produce a solid color, the figure is several millimeters thicker! I quickly switched gears. I opted for a spray. Normally, aside form primers and flats, I avoid sprays due to drying issues, but I decided to try this anyway, as the color was perfect. I used the PlastiCote brand, which is supposed to work better on plastic. Long story short, the spray worked fine (and dried after several coats of Testor’s Dullcote), and I then brushed on the dark purple of her outfit, flesh and hair colors.

The eyes, though… Knowing I couldn’t repaint around the eyes if I didn’t get the right shape with a brush, I cut the eyes from thin styrene and glued them on. Let’s just say positioning something as critical as eyes at that scale… It took a few tries.

She’s finished, though, and I’m happy with the result.

Created Winter 2005


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