Posted on July 4, 2013

stalker-01I’ve never been into collecting prototype figures. I’d just as soon have the finished figure. (Or often, in my case, an improved figure.) Stalker is different. To my knowledge, he’s the only animated Bat character that was made in prototype form, showed to the public and yet didn’t get released.

I purchased an unpainted prototype Stalker figure through eBay. I never liked the character enough to make a custom of him, but the idea of possessing an unproduced prototype appealed to me. I’d seen pictures of him from ToyFair 2000, and figured I could paint him to match.

Turns out even if Hasbro had released him, he’d still need reworking. The sculpt is the bulging muscle style prominent throughout the official Batboy line. Normally, I hate this, but on this character I didn’t mind so much. Given that, the sculpt was very accurate in regards to the etched lines over his body. As usual, it’s the paint job that would have been Hasbro’s downfall on this figure. The painted prototype pictures I’ve seen feature silver all over the poor guy. In fact, these areas are meant to be grey and grey-purple. Thank goodness I was here to help.

Please enjoy these pictures of my accurately painted Stalker prototype.

Created Spring 2002


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