Posted on July 4, 2013


While not the most interesting villain to come along in awhile, he was visually striking. Originally, I was going to base him on a Nightwing figure, but I felt he’d look too much like all the other Nightwing-based customs. I waited until the new Riddler was available, and I’m glad I did. Riddler’s body is far more accurate.

The head is a heavily modified Nightwing head. In retrospect, this head might not have been the best choice, but heaven knows I had enough of them laying around.

On an editorial note, I would like to say that as of this writing, I now have a respectable, on-model Batman Beyond collection of figures and accessories. Ironically, every item is customized, be it repainted or from scratch. No thanks to Hasbro (except for a few parts).

Created Fall 1999



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