Shayera Hol (Thanagarian Officer)
Posted on June 30, 2013


Mattel’s recent Thanagarian 6-pack shows what good Mattel can do when it really wants to. It features some nice new parts and characters. I’m especially pleased they chose to release the unmasked Hawkgirl head sculpt again, since it’s such a thing of beauty. (And the whole figure is the very best female fodder for customs.)

That being said, I decided I also wanted Shayera in her full, helmeted uniform. So I removed the wonderful unmasked head, and swapped it for the “Justice Lords” Hawkgirl noggin. I also added some leftover hair from the standard Hawkgirl figure. The hair had to be reshaped to accommodate the helmet. Finally, I repainted the helmet to match the existing gold paint..

Created Winter 2010


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