Posted on July 4, 2013


This Shade recipe has been around for several years now. I’m just now getting to him. Specifically, mine is based on my pal Tyke’s version.

Though the scale is a bit tall, the best base is the old “Rumble Ready” Riddler. His body style is a near perfect match for Shade. I started by smoothing over some of the details with Magic Sculpt. I then sculpted the mantle, tunic and the tops of the gloves. I swapped the feet for Talia’s heels (which didn’t help the height problem!).

For a head, I chose the old school Mr. Freeze, as his goggles would easily pass as Shade’s… uh… shades. I altered the chin and gave him new lips. Mad Hatter donated the hat, which was Dremeled out to fit Freeze’s noggin.

The cane is a bit of styrene with a “parts box” ball attached to the end.

My Injustice Gang grows…

Created Spring 2006


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