Robin (BTAS)
Posted on June 30, 2013

robin-dick-grayson-btas-01Recently, I seem to be on a roll updating a number of the old-school character designs. The Batman Returns-as-animated Robin figure sorely needed my customizing attention.

The base is the above mentioned figure. First I dremeled off the comic-book style belt, chest “ties,” glove and shoulder details. Then I filled in the abs and the arm muscles with Kneadatite, following this with some heavy sanding. The belt is cut from vinyl, and the belt buckle is cut from the end of a styrene tube, filled with Kneadatite and sanded. I also built up the boot tops with Kneadatite. I then primed and painted the figure.

Following that, I cut the cape from vinyl, painted it separately, and glued it to the back. The logo is printed and decoupaged on. I now have an old-school Robin on the shelf that doesn’t look ridiculous.

Jump to the downloads section to grab Robin’s emblem for your own custom!

Created Fall 2001


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