Riddler (1995)
Posted on July 24, 2022

Some projects start out with the best of intentions, but go sidewise somewhere, and there’s not much you can do about it. This Riddler is a perfect example.

Once again, I started with a great 3D print of Jim Carrey’s noggin as Riddler, purchased on eBay. I needed a fairly skinny 1:10th body to match. That’s not as common as you might think. I settled on the recently released Diamond Select Invincible. A bit more muscular than I would like, but close enough.

I started by filling in some of the etched lines, and smoothing out some of the muscles with Magic Sculpt epoxy. I swapped the boots for some shoes I found in fodder. They aren’t screen accurate at all, but in the ballpark. Initially I started with a generic comic-style question mark cane (the blue photos), but then I found a movie accurate one I could print.

The elephant in the studio, of course, was all those pesky question marks on his costume. How to keep them pristine and consistent? I did not want to paint them. I should have painted them. Instead I opted to print them on transparent sticker paper and cut them out. I knew it was a risk. All those edges would show. But I thought if I covered them with enough matte gel and various sprays, I could minimize the “edge effect.” Boy howdy, was I wrong.

So this is my Jim Carrey Riddler. I meant well, but he looks like he’s shedding. Maybe I’ll revisit this someday.

Created May 2022


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