Poison Ivy (BTAS)
Posted on August 12, 2018

Once again the work of TRCreations inspires! TRC tends to specialize in Poison Ivy customs like I do Harleys, so I always look to him when it’s time to update or correct Ms. Isley. In this case, it’s DC Collectibles BTAS Poison Ivy that was part of the GCPD set. It’s not a bad figure, but not without a few problems. The most alarmingly was the placement of her head and the utter lack of neck. Again, following TRC’s example I popped off the head, extended the hair at the shoulders, and re-set it higher on the neck. A little color-correction via paint to the hair completed the project.

(TRC, being the Ivy expert that he is, also reshaped the hair to be more accurate. That’s why he’s the Ivy expert and I am not!)

Created May 2018


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