Poison Ivy (Bombshell)
Posted on July 15, 2019

The DC Bombshells comic had a unique problem. All of Ant Lucia’s wonderful designs gave the Bombshells fun new costumes to populate this alternate history world. But Poison Ivy’s design effectively featured her in her unmentionables. Obviously, that was a spot-on tribute to pin-up girls of the era. But for purposes of a comic book narrative, it looked sort of silly. So the comic artists had to come up with some alternate outfits. This custom Ivy is based on her first alternate outfit, suitable for cold environments.

Most of Ivy is built on an Arkham Origins Dr. Harleen Quinzel (I found one loose and cheap on eBay). I removed the white lab coat and applied Magic Sculpt to shape the jacket. And, obviously, that’s a Bombshells Ivy head up top.

Created Summer 2019



  • Stroivan says:

    How difficult is to pull off her head?
    Cause I’m afraid I’ll break something…

    • It’s fairly easy. It’s just a ball and socket. You can probably just yank it off. I usually shoot the head under a hair dryer for about 30 seconds. That makes the plastic more flexible, and thus easier to pop off. I don’t think you can do any harm.

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