Phantom Stranger
Posted on June 30, 2013


Phantom Stranger was a “side project,” or something to work on while the epoxies cured and paint dried on the more complex customs. As a result, he’s a fairly quick and easy custom. He’s based on his appearance in the JLU comic book, which is about as close to an official appearance as we’re likely to get.

The base figure is a Hasbro Ra’s al Ghul. I had intended to use a Mattel Two-Face for the base, but was surprised to find Two-Face and Ra’s to be almost the same height. Given that Ra’s cape fit him better, I followed the path of least resistance. Ra’s facial hair was removed, and the scalp Dremeled down to accommodate the hat. The fedora was in the parts box, left there by some unknown anime robot lookin’ thing. The medallion is cut from vinyl and fishing line.

Created Spring 2007


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