Phantasm (Bombshell)
Posted on June 21, 2021

This custom started from a challenge to myself: What could I build (mostly) from leftover parts? The result is my take on a Bombshell Phantasm.

The torso is Bombshell Batwoman. The arms are from a Marvel Legends White Rabbit. The legs are Bombshell Batgirl. I sculpted a few details with Magic Sculpt and bits of styrene rod. The masked head is a Marvel Legends Taskmaster. The unmasked head is a Marvel Legends Emma Frost.

I had intended to build the blade from scratch, to better match her animated appearance, but I was struck with a bout of laziness. Phantasm was partially inspired by “the Reaper,” and I happen to have a spare Reaper sickle just sitting around. Why not use it? I built a removable “gauntlet” and affixed a peg to end of the weapon, such that it can all be swapped out for her hand. Maybe someday I’ll go back and make a proper blade.

Of course, what really sells this is the cloak, and that I found on ebay. (Seller gpslot specializes in capes and clothes for action figures.)

Created May 2021


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